How to use atlas-install-plugin to install app over HTTPS

I’m trying to use “atlas-install-plugin” to install my app to a remote server, but it always uses “http://” prefix for server names. I’ve tried all the input parameters, but it always sends installation request to “http://…my-server”.
Is it possible to use “https://” prefix?

Command example:

atlas-install-plugin --server --http-port 443 --plugin-key --username admin --password secret --context-path "" 
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Hi @AndreiPisklenov,

Thanks for posting to Developer Community. Looks like this is a known issue which you can see here

There are some steps about how to get around this limitation, but it I think what you want to do is try

atlas-install-plugin --server --http-port 443 --plugin-key --username admin --password secret --context-path "" 

Most of the steps in the bug report are to ensure your local java install recognises your certificate of your server. If the server is using a certificated signed by a domain authority (e.g. it’s a purchased certificate and not self-signed) then you won’t need to import the certificate.

I suspect the reference to atlas-cli is out of date, as the ticket is quite old.

If this doesn’t work (I don’t have a secured server instance on hand) let me know and I’ll chase this up.