How to use atlas-install-plugin to install app over HTTPS

I’m trying to use “atlas-install-plugin” to install my app to a remote server, but it always uses “http://” prefix for server names. I’ve tried all the input parameters, but it always sends installation request to “http://…my-server”.
Is it possible to use “https://” prefix?

Command example:

atlas-install-plugin --server --http-port 443 --plugin-key --username admin --password secret --context-path "" 
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Hi @AndreiPisklenov,

Thanks for posting to Developer Community. Looks like this is a known issue which you can see here

There are some steps about how to get around this limitation, but it I think what you want to do is try

atlas-install-plugin --server --http-port 443 --plugin-key --username admin --password secret --context-path "" 

Most of the steps in the bug report are to ensure your local java install recognises your certificate of your server. If the server is using a certificated signed by a domain authority (e.g. it’s a purchased certificate and not self-signed) then you won’t need to import the certificate.

I suspect the reference to atlas-cli is out of date, as the ticket is quite old.

If this doesn’t work (I don’t have a secured server instance on hand) let me know and I’ll chase this up.


Hi @jrichards,

that is exactly how I am using the atlas-install-plugin command and it worked perfectly.

But this week I updated the AMPS version in my pom.xml of my plugin from 8.1.2 to 8.8.1 and it stopped working. I could figure out that starting with AMPS 8.3.0 the following error occurs:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal com.atlassian.maven.plugins:amps-dispatcher-maven-plugin:8.8.1:install (default-cli) on project [...]: Unable to execute mojo: Execution null of goal com.atlassian.maven.plugins:atlassian-pdk:2.3.3:install failed: https: Unknown host https

I am using Atlassian SDK 8.2.7 with (updated to) Maven 3.8.6 and AMPS 8.8.1. The AMPS version of the toolchain has no effect on this issue. Only the AMPS version specified in the pom.xml for the confluence-maven-plugin matters.

Do you have any glue what was changed to make this stop working?

Greetings, Daniel