How to use AtlasKit with P2

I’m trying to use AtlasKit inside of a Plugin2 plugin. Can somebody of you give me some advice how to integrate NPM / the output of npm build in the build process of my P2 plugin?

I’m really looking forward to use react instead of jQuery in JIRA. :slight_smile:

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Hello Klaus,

AtlasKit for now is for cloud add-ons. @ldenton reviewed details at AtlasCamp sessions last week, but want to be clear there are no plans currently to implement Atlassian Design Guidelines version 3 (ADG 3) for server add-ons in the next year.

For P2 plugin design, you are best served sticking with AUI based on Atlassian Design Guidelines version 2 (ADG 2) to keep the user experience for server customers using your add-on consistent with the server user experience overall.

Sorry if this is not the news you were looking for re: using react for your P2 plug-in. :worried:

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Is this something that has been revisited since your reply last year?

We are developing a plugin for Jira Server and we would like to be able to launch it on Jira Cloud at some point in the future. It would be nice if we could reuse our frontend code in both products.

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Hi @gustav.taxen,

You can already use AUI with P2 server add-ons if you are willing to take the extra hit of introducing React in a host product that does not support it.

I’ve personally been using VueJS in my server add-ons and it works perfectly, as Vue will simply bind to an element that I introduce using velocity templates.



Hi @wtfuii:
You can use webpack or any other library to bundle your components, using babel to transpile the bundle to es5.
Then you can use the bundle in your web-resource as a js resource.

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Also checkout Bitbucket by the brilliant @daz and Tim Sebastian