How to use custom CQL fields?

I just did this tutorial about adding a custom CQL field to Confluence:

That’s no problem, but how the hell do I put values in custom CQL fields?
There is nothing written in the tutorial that would help and I can’t see any option to put values in those field in the Confluence backend.

I don’t think this is a hard question…

Hm… I’ll take another try:

I think I just don’t understand how to use this new cql-searchable field I make with this tutorial (

I thought I could put information into it for each page I have, to stay in the tutorial context, one page I give the info X for my newly created “status” field, and one gets Y and I could filter for those values in advanced search.

So if I would filter in a CQL search for value Y in “status” field, I would only get pages with “status” field information Y as search result.

But that’s not how it works? Or how could I put those X or Y-information in my “status” fields for each page I have?

Dear Hauke,

I’m not sure whether I understand your question correctly. You set the status to X or Y in your extractor module. This module is called for each page when it is indexed.

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Thanks for your reply and sorry for my late answer.

I think your answer is helping me. Because I just need some custom field on each page where I can put information in that can be changed via User Macros and can be searched by CQL queries.

So I thought that’s what CQL field do, and now I know how to put information in each field.
But how do I do it via a User Macro?

Best regards!

Now I’m using $contentPropertyManager.setTextProperty($content, “Info1”, $paramInfo1) in a User Macro for saving custom information with each page, but that’s now searchable via CQL I think.