How to use database data in ACE connect app?

Hai all,
I am in the development of third party integration application using Atlassian Connect Express(ACE). After lot of discussion, we decided to go with using own DB(postgres). Before starting i have some doubts to clarify. I search about my doubts. But didn’t get any document about DB in ACE.

  1. I can store the database details using config.json in ACE. After publish my app in atlassian marketplace, will the database created seperately for each instance?
  2. How to perform CRUD operations in DB data?
    If you know anything about my questions, please share your thoughts or send any reference documents to clarify my doubts.
    Thanks in advance…
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Hi @SuryaA ,

  1. You will be hosting the database so there will only be one database shared across all tenants that your app is installed in.
  2. Any changes to data should be done via the Sequelize API. It’s an ORM so the CRUD operations are a little different to interacting directly with a relational database. For example, to add data, you would create a instance of the object to add using the define operation and then call the create operation against it. Perhaps also take a look at the code and tests to see how ACE works internally.
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