How to use Jira Migration Assistant with a private app?

We’re trying to add in our Jira app support for migrating to Cloud using the Jira Migration Assistant.

The problem is that we can‘t convince the Migration Assistant that our app exists in Cloud.

We’re still trying to figure out exactly how things work, so we’re trying to implement migration in a development for of the application (with a private listing on the Marketplace, separate from the production app). We also have a fork of the server app, which matches the key of the private listing on Cloud. The DiscoverableListener returns the same key from both getServerAppKey() and getCloudAppKey(), we checked that the methods are called.

But when we do the “assess your apps” step, the assistant says that the app does not exist in Cloud:

This despite the fact the app is actually installed on the Cloud server we want to use for testing migrations, using an access token from Marketplace.

Is this something the Migration Assistant just cannot do? If so, how can we test and develop the migration support without making the incomplete features available to clients?

Hi @bbutnaru,

I answered your similar question in Changing app key when migrating to Cloud - #2 by jrichards

Use dev-mode as this will ensure that the Listener is called regardless of its status in App Assessment stage.

Hope this helps.