How to use jira service desk java api in my plugin

I am trying to get the service desk java api’s so that my plugin can do things in Service desk using the java api.
But I am not able to include it anyhow in my plugin.

Can someone please point out on how can I do it so that I can access the api’s to create request or do other operations within my plugin.

I know REST api exists but I do not want to use it at present.

Hi @satyam1811

I believe that what you are looking for is


This will provide you with the JIRA Service Desk public api.

As I am sure you are aware, if you mark it as scope provided in your maven pom, and then Component Import the interfaces you require, it will be wired up at runtime as long as the JSD application is present in the instance. looks like a reference to help get started if required.

Hope this helps get started,

JIRA Service Desk developer

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