How to use /notify call


I see a rest api call that I want to use, but I have a couple of questions, first, can I send an email to a personality email that is not in an account inside Jira? If it is, how could I do? For example:

    "textBody": "TEST.",
    "htmlBody": "TEST.",
    "to": {
        "assignee": true,
        "users": [

The second question is, the property “Additional Properties”, what is it for? And can you show me an example of how to use it, please?

Thanks in advance!

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Regarding your first question, Provided you are using Jira Service Management you should be able to create a new customer with first or if you are using Software or Business you would need to create a new account first Then you should be able to a notification to that account. I have not tested this though so no guarantees. I don’t know what the recommended way of using Additional Properties is though, maybe someone else can help you with that