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I’m Pedro and I’m new on this forum. Nice to meet you! If I did something wrong, please tell me. I’m developing an addon for Jira Server. I’m using Atlassian SDK.

So, my question is, how can I use properties on my code? I have three environments (local, PRE, PRO) and in every environment I use different customfields IDs.

Actually I have one .properties
I supposed that I need three .properties, one for every environment.

So my first question is, what is the name that I have to write in the news .properties?

Then, which is the method or class that I have to use to detect my custom properties in my Java class?

And my last question, how do I have to compile so that it takes one properties or another?

Thank you so much!

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That properties file is provided in the plugin skeleton for i18n, or language internationalization. See

There is a guide here on pulling properties files in Jira plugins: Plugin Tutorials - J tricks - Little JIRA Tricks

InputStream iStream = ClassLoaderUtils.getResourceAsStream("", this.getClass());
Properties p = new Properties();


Thanks for your fast response!

Okay, right now I can use getText to get my property.

The first image I’m using getText() and exactly I get the value of my properties (second image, “customfield_10025”). But now, how can I create another properties with the same key but different value?

For example, I have PRE and I want that getText(“customfield.tests”) returns “customfield_10025” but I want that on PRO returns other value, for example “customfield_10189”. How have I to create the new properties? And how have I to compile my program that it takes one properties(PRE) or another(PRO)?

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I upload here the second image.