How to use username and password to generate token or how to get that user authenticated?

We are creating an user interface for Cloud JIRA to get test cases in JIRA via API . The user will be entering user name and password for the login into user Interface. In the API authentication is done via user email Id and API token token but in the UI user will be providing only his username and password. So we need a way to authenticate the user using the API with only username and password from the user.

@RakeshSharma welcome to the Atlassian developer community.

I don’t entirely follow your reasoning about why you need username & password.

The short answer is there isn’t any way to auth to the API with the Atlassian username & password. That would mean your user interface needs to handle the sensitive password, which is opportunity for abuse. Instead, Atlassian recommends OAuth 2.0. From the user perspective, this doesn’t require the complicated user flow to obtain an API token. And the user only does a normal login (if not already). From the API perspective, you don’t have to handle passwords and the token exchange “dance” is a little more complicated.

If OAuth 2.0 won’t work for your case, can you explain?