How to validate an issue link with a specific issue type?

I create new link type is Tracks

  • Outward Link is “tracks”
  • Inward Link is “contributes to”

What I want is a Story can “tracks” a Task but cannot “contributes to” a Task. And a Task can “contributes to” a Story but cannot “tracks” a Story
How can I prevent or validate that?
Please advise! Thanks!

Hi community!

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks a lot!

Not sure what are you trying to achieve?
Are you trying for issues with type Story to be able to create links with type “tracks” and not be able to create links with type “contributes to”?
For issues with type Task to be able to create links with type “contributes to” and not be able to create links with type “tracks”?

Where are you trying to do that:

  • Native Jira UI ?
  • Your app UI ?

Just out curiosity I’ve played a little with Jira’s automation and it looks like it should be possible to create +/- similar automation rule.
See screenshoot below. It shows rule that removes links with type Duplicate from an issue with type Story right after that link was added and sends mail to person that created the link.
Not perfect but it’s a start.

If you need more help, please provide more information/context!

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Thank you for your reply! let me clarify some points

  1. My intent to validate or restrict user to add link issue which has both inward link and outward link with the same issue:
    ex: Story A tracks Task B so Story A should not be able to contribute to Task B
    ex: Task X is blocked by Bug Y then it should not be able to blocks Bug Y
  2. Yes, Im trying to do that in Native Jira UI
  3. I tried automation rule just like yours but the problem is the Delete action will delete all links which including some correct links