How to write wired integration test for custom Bitbucket plugin developed via Atlassian Java SDK


I developed a Bitbucket plugin (PostRepositoryHook) using the Atlassian Java SDK. This plugin makes some file changes in the master branch every time after a feature branch merges into the master branch. Right now I am trying to figure out how to write integration tests for this plugin. I have read about the tutorials about how to set up the wired integration test skeleton ( However I wonder how I can invoke my plugin in the integration test.

The constructor of my PostRepositoryHook plugin has parameters: ContentService and PullRequestService . And the postUpdate method of my PostRepositoryHook plugin has parameters: PostRepositoryHookContext and RepositoryHookRequest . I am not sure where I can fetch these inputs and pass to my PostRepository plugin.

Also, I am not sure how I can simulate the branch merge action in this integration test environment?

Any help is greatly appreciated!