Hyperlink / URL Reference as a deticated object in page attachment

since we work with different archiving systems/document management systems (DMS), whose content can be pulled by URL calls, as for example via SAP webDMS, we would like to make use of this in order to limit the file variety.

Since we have set up space(s) in Confluence where different archived documents are listed or discussed, I want to avoid that the same document is stored in different locations, because the source is and remains the DMS.
I know that there are vendors like Atlassian Confluence, SAP ERP Integration | Tray io or apps like SAP2Jira. But by the time the strategic decisions are made and implemented, too much has already been done in Confluence, which is not bad per se, but there is a danger that the work will be based on outdated revisions.

Because of this, we came up with the idea to provide the URLs for the documents as an object in the attachment, so they could be addressed or integrated with the standard tools in Confluence.
Now it says in Attachment Storage Configuration that you should use the file system instead of the database. So we have to create special files types for it, as draw io does.

You could store document-specific information such as type and document number in it. These should then be available as properties, whereby you would have to pimp up the screen for the properties of Confluence for this purpose

If these are then included in a page, they should automatically provide the URL to the source file in the DMS based on the given/integrated information.
Of course, it would be best as a hyperlink. But by opening this attachment the action open new tab and execute URL to source file could be triggered, respectively other actions could be triggered, respectively context menu options could be made available to reach the desired goal.

Can this be done somehow?

regards and thanks