I am trying to add jira issue panel in a app,only appkey and originID are being added,I am not able to add anything else?what can I do?

I have created an app with python flask,the app will add assets tp jira and show some details of the devices in the form of issue panel,when I added these assets,only app key and originId are being shown in the issue panel,nothing else is shown,But if I open the issue panels Iframe in browser everything is being shown,it dosent work only in jira.The issue panel which I was saying about is explained in this link (Getting started).I have attached screenshots32%20PM


Hi @HarshitSomani.

It seems you are running into a cross-domain bridge situation.

You can add the all.js into your HTML then you can use the JS API to what you desire.

<script src="https://connect-cdn.atl-paas.net/all.js"></script>

You can find more details in the following link: https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/about-the-connect-javascript-api/#javascript-client-library