I am trying to create a connect app using python flask,I want to add an asset panel with the app,how can I do it?

I am trying to create a connect app,the model of the app I am trying to create is given in this link(https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/assetsapi/introductions-and-basics/getting-started/),So my app adds assets to the jira portal and in the linked assets panel it should be able to show device details,I am using pythonflask,html,json to create this app,I did all the backend in python.Now I am very confused how should I add the asset panel in my code ,Can anyone please enlighten me on it

Hi @HarshitSomani,

Looking at the app descriptor in the screen shot, I think the aspect you are missing is the addition of an asset panel. The asset panel will be shown if you follow these steps:

  1. Configure a project such with a custom assets field that is visible in the appropriate screens.
  2. Use the REST API to add assets.
  3. View an issue.
  4. Click the assets field in the right panel.
  5. Click the “+ Link asset” link.
  6. Select an asset.
  7. Click the chevron at the right side of the selected asset to open your assets view.

I have created a basic sample app to demonstrate some of these aspects - see https://dx-asset-panel.glitch.me/. View its descriptor and you will see it declares two panels:

  • An assets panel
  • A glance that renders a link which will invoke the REST API to add an asset.

I hope this helps.