I can't add attachments to my jira issue


I’m trying to add an attachment to my jira Issue but i’m not able.

here is my code


const add attachment = async () => {

const form = new FormData();

form.append(‘file’, manifest.txt);

const response = await api.asUser().requestJira(route/rest/api/2/issue/AD-3/attachments, {
method: ‘POST’,
body: form,
headers: {
‘Accept’: ‘application/json’,
‘X-Atlassian-Token’: ‘no-check’
}).then(response => response.json()) ;
//console.log(await response.json());
return response;
// console.log(await response.json());


const [attach] = useState(async () => await addattachment());

console.log('reponse status '+attach);


Trace ID: 9f9770a048a136e5
There was an error invoking the function - function () { [native code] } could not be cloned.

Can anyone help me please


Can anyone help me please.


Hey @AchrafMECHTA It seems that we don’t support Form Data in forge runtime. There is issue for this here [FRGE-114] - Ecosystem Jira This issue is currently being worked on and it will be fixed in the upcoming v2 forge runtime.