I can't find the Trello's Key API

Hello everyone!

I’m not a developer, but I’m trying to create an automation with ChatGPT for my Trello. Basically, I want ChatGPT to collect some comments from my cards and create an Excel sheet with this information. ChatGPT asked me for the Trello API key and token, and when I went to Trello’s API key page, Trello asked me to create a Power-Up. But that’s not what I want.

Could you please help me?

Hello @YasmimCosta

But that’s what you must do :slight_smile:

The Powerup doesn’t need to contain any actual code or be deployed to Trello, it only needs to exist. So, in that sense, you are just creating a skeleton / dummy / empty Powerup that exists solely for the purpose of letting you generate your key + token. Once you have that key + token, then you’re free to use it with external apps or in your Excel spreadsheet.

Personally, I’d never in a bazillion years ever directly hand over any private, highly sensitive security credentials to ANY public AI system, especially not ChatGPT!! READ THIS.

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