I can't login to forge

I can’t login to Forge. I’m behind coorporate proxy. I’d like to use Forge. What can I do?

I use Forge on Windows 10

D:>forge --version

D:>forge login -u correct_user -t correct_token

Log in to your Atlassian account
Press Ctrl+C to cancel.

Logging you in…

:arrow_forward: GraphQL …
Query: {me {user {name accountStatus accountId}}}
Variables: {}
request to … failed, reason: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND api.atlassian.com

Error: We couldn’t log you in with those credentials. Check your email address and token before rerunning the command.

Do you know which Atlassian URLs are allowed through the proxy? Sounds like you may need to make some updates to your allow list to cover more URLs.


Hello @bentley ,

These request goes via user proxy from user desktop within most large organisation. In my case, ‘api.atlassian.com’ is allowed but with user proxy credentials.

I tried to set a proxy in node using below command, but facing same issue.
npm config set proxy user:password-userproxy.com:8080
npm config set https-proxy user:password-userproxy.com:8080

However, curl command over user proxy connects to the URL without any issue.
$ curl api.atlassian.com-graphql
$ curl: (6) Could not resolve host: api.atlassian.com
$ curl api.atlassian.com-graphql --proxy user:password-userproxy.com:8080 --insecure
$ It returns HTML code in response

Please suggest.

Note: Intentionally replaced actual URL with dash in it, because post was not allowed with more than 2 links :slight_smile:


Looks like there is a workaround proposed in this topic: Unable to log into Forge from behind corporate firewall