I have just launched a guest check-in Power-Up for Trello πŸŽ‰

From a Check-In Display, guests will be added to lists in Trello and the guest can even check-in touchless by scanning a QR code on their phone.

Visitors Power-Up: Trello
More information on https://visitorsfortrello.com

I hope you can use it in your company and I appreciate getting your feedback :grinning:



We have to ask, what was the hardest part about building and launching it?

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Hi Bently - Thanks for your question :+1:

As in all projects, the hardest part is the last 10% :sweat_smile: I had a good flow in creating the Power-Up after the basic understanding of the Trello API and how it should interact with my platform. I used a long time to find the best way to storing my data on a Card and the Board so they also could be displayed in the Trello App where the Power-Up isn’t running. The solution was a combination of the Card Description field and in the Scope. I also used a long time to finalize the workflow so it was so simple as possible to fit into TrelloΒ΄s simplicity - I hope it succeeds :grinning: After creating the Power-Up I was a little challenged about the amount of work creating the backend, website, and descriptions that needs to be in order when publishing a product. But it was a good process where I also discovered the next functions that I will enhance Visitors with. Now I am excited to work with the next phase getting companies to use Visitors and the feedback that will come.