I want send email notification from our forge app

We have a use case where we have the email ids of the members in our dynamo db. So when a process a rejected, we would like to send email to the respective ppl from the db. how to do that using forge app

Hi @sindhiyaselvaraj

Forge doesn’t have any built-in services for sending emails. There are two common ways to accomplish this:

  • Use the Atlassian product’s notification system to send the email. For example, by creating a Jira issue comment or creating a new Confluence page and mentioning the user, this will cause an email notification to be sent. This has a very low implementation cost, but you will have limited flexibility in the contents of the email and it will only work in circumstances where you have knowledge in the configuration of the product’s notification scheme.

  • Integrate your Forge app directly with an email sending service, such as SendGrid. This will give you the greatest flexibility and control over the email. However, it will require you to egress data to a third party service.

Forge apps can only make HTTP(S) requests, so it is not possible to send email from your Forge app using SMTP.

Hope this helps!

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@HeyJoe Thanks for the response. I will try sendGrid.