I want to access the confluence question-answer pages with rest API calls

I can use Atlassian Python API to load a page and the page tree.
I want to load Confluence Question Answer page with topic and popular questions. For each question, I want to get accepted answers related to it.
Can anyone share the updated documentation regarding the same.

Hi Alok,

In Confluence, there’s only one type of page available, which is simply referred to as a “page.” However, you can leverage a variety of functionalities with Confluence pages through the API resources provided in this documentation: https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/confluence/rest/v2/api-group-page/#api-group-page.

If you’re mentioning a “Confluence Question Answer page” in reference to a plugin, it’s unlikely that such functionality is natively supported. If it were, it would likely be dependent on whether the plugin offers support for it through its API. You can check the plugin’s capabilities on their documentation page.

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Thanks for the reply kash.
I will go through the link provided.
Yes I am asking about the Confluence question-answer page.
I was expecting if some API documentation to fetch the questions-answer with rest APIs will be available.
Is there a documentation on how to access the plugin contents through rest api call ?

@Alok1 Providing documentation without precise information about the Confluence app you’re referring to is challenging. If you’re an admin, you can identify the app by navigating to Apps > Manage all apps and locating it in the installed app list (as shown in the screenshot). Alternatively, you can reach out to your organization’s admin for further details.

Once you are aware of the app, you can look for it in Atlassian Marketplace and find the documentation from their listing page.