I want to create a maintanence routine

I want to create a maintenance routine in ATL cloud.
I want to archive Team Managed projects where the last issue update is older than X month.

  • fetch jira projects
  • filter: team managed projects
  • order by last issue update

This is the rest API call that fix two of three actions above: {{baseUrl}}/rest/api/3/project/search?expand=insight&orderBy=+lastIssueUpdatedTime![:question:|30x30]

Anyone know if it’s possible to filter a rest API call on team managed projects?

Next steps:

archive fetched projects
fine-tune the fetch process to only fetch ™projects older than X months

Hello @LudvigHede
There is an EXPERIMENTAL function called propertyQuery for Get Project Pagination that would potentially solve the issue, I wasn’t able to get it to work with what I assume is the property for Team Managed projects.


If you’re able to give the run some time and dependent on the amount of project you have in your subscription, I would suggest using Get Project Pagination Endpoint to store all projects in an array and do a query/loop through the array for the Team managed attribute (simplified)

Hi @TonyLanglet, thanks for responding to this!
I was into propertyQuery aswell but I wasn’t sure how to write the rest API query… :roll_eyes:
The property to be used is “style” and the options is “classic” or “next-gen”.

You are correct, I wasn’t aware of the changes as they are quiet different from how the original classic and next-gen projects worked.

So I guess you would be able to do the iteration of all project over the style in that case but it still doesn’t answer your question completely where you’d like to use a filter/search for the specific attribute.

According to the documentation it would look something like this




I can’t get that to work though :frowning:

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Thanks! I will do some more tests and tweks and see if I can make it .