I want to create small own shop app

I know Javascript, html, css. I want to create a small app for my own shop.
where i want to store my customer details like Name,Mobile, Item purchased,Service availed, Next service reminder etc. And this data should be stored in jira or in my localPC.
Can ido this using Jira.
If yes then please someone guide me the steps.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @Uniqueelectronics,

I understand what you want to do, but I’m not sure you’d need to build a custom app to do this with Atlassian products.

If you haven’t already, I’d take a look at Jira Work Management which you can try for free. It has sales project templates, which can help you configure Jira to track your customers, and automations which would allow you to send reminders when services were due.

If you’d like advice on configuring JIRA for your needs, why not ask in the Atlassian Community Forums

Finally, if you do decide you want to build a customisation or Integration for Jira to further meet your requirements, I’d recommend taking a look at Atlassian Forge

I hope this helps. If you have any further questions about my answer let me know.

Hi Melissa,
Thank you for your response,
I was unaware of Jira Work management, will try on that.

Apart from that, i have tried developing hello world app using forge. But somehow i was not able to find html,css files.
And i don’t know where the data stores.
So Even if I design the issue details by adding few more columns and an automated reminder.
Then creating tickets for each customer will help me, as we are a small shop of 3-5 service persons.

Thank you,
Unique Electronics

Hi @Uniqueelectronics,

There are 2 different technologies that you can use when creating a Forge application:

  • Custom UI - designed for complex use cases and increased developer flexibility. Using custom UI, you can define your own user interface using static resources, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, icons, and images. The Forge platform hosts your static resources, enabling your app to display custom UI on Atlassian products.
  • UI Kit - designed for Forge apps with simpler user cases. The UI kit lets you easily build intuitive and familiar interfaces by composing built-in Atlassian components. Hooks and event handlers enable UI kit apps to handle user interactions and return views dynamically from the server, where the UI kit code is executed.

If you couldn’t find the html and css files, it means that you are building an UI Kit application, which only allows specific UI Kit Components to be used in the Forge application.

If you would like to define your own UI resources, then I’d suggest using Custom UI.