Icons for native apps

As much as I am starting like your new logos, it would be very cool if you could make the icons for native applications a bit easier to distinguish from each other. I do not have a tonne of things in my dock as of right now, and three apps with the same shape and colour is not that bad. But never the less I always select the wrong application when Alt-Tabbing etcetera.

Rant over, here is a screenshot:

I think just having the shape of the logo in blue would look great, and be a lot easier to distinguish. Especially as your native app suite grows with more additions.


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Hi @martin,

It was nice to see you during the app week! :slight_smile: Can you please raise a feature request in our Developer Service Desk for this one and I’d be happy to pass this along our product team.

Anne Calantog

Hi @acalantog,

It was nice seeing you too. :slight_smile: Too much fun in one week!

I raised a feature request here: https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/14/DEVHELP-817

Cheers, and thanks for considering it!

Hi Martin,

We don’t have any plans to do this currently. We’ll keep it in mind for future improvements however.




Fair enough, thanks!