ICONS MISSING! - CORS policy change?

The icon I use on my Power-Up has a HASH at the end. This has been working like a charm since ancient times, but now all of a sudden, I am getting this error in F12 tools with regards to ALL my images:

Access to image at ‘https://myserver.com/image-32.png?color=6b778c’ from origin ‘https://trello.com’ has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.

And my icon is missing from all the card and buttons.

UPDATE: ALL of my Power-Ups with icon images are doing this now. that is 6 Power-Ups, and I see a couple of folks’ Power-Ups doing the same thing too. Trello must have broken something.


What changed?

And how can I fix this BESIDES releasing a version of my power-up sans-hash?


I submitted a bug on this in the Trello eco-system:

If anyone else is seeing this, I have a QUICK FIX until Trello either fixes this or provides an update on how to get an image icon to load in a Card Badge. In your Card Badge code where you specify the icon value you convert the icon to BASE64:

'card-badges': async (t, opts) => {
  return [{
    text: "hello world!",
    icon: "..."
    color: "green",

There are several tools on the web that you can upload the image to, and it will convert it for you. Now I get to spend the wee hours of the morning updating half-a-dozen Power-Ups. :frowning:

Hello @DEC

I want to let you know that we’re aware of this issue and we are currently working on investigating it.

As soon as we have new information available, I’ll update this topic.

Best regards,

Hi team.

We’ve identified the root cause of the issue, and a fix was already deployed.

If you still notice any issues, please let us know.

Best regards,