Iframe Javascript

Hello everyone, I would like some help with a doubt I have. I am a bit new to integrating JIRA services on a project. We have a new feature that we want to integrate a Servicedesk form on a website:
For example, on our JIRA service, we have this form https://prnt.sc/10awqpb I would like to know if there is a way in which we can render this form on a website, like an iframe where we can simply show the form where I add the iframe and have the same functionalities as JIRA has. This would make things easier because on the contrary, I would have to do it on the site and send the data via API and it won’t have a relation between them when something changes on a field.

:wave: According to these docs you should see code to embed after saving your issue collector:

After clicking the Submit button to save your new issue collector, a page containing code snippets is displayed. Use the code and information provided to embed your new issue collector into your web site.

Albeit, those docs are for Jira Server. I do see similar sorts of usage of embed here: https://support.atlassian.com/jira-cloud-administration/docs/use-the-issue-collector/.