I am trying to make a basic PUT call to the Crowd Rest API.
I am using Telerik Fiddler to spike this.

Endpoint I am using: /rest/usermanagement/latest/user.json?username=1007test

The payload I am sending in the request is a JSON object that looks much like this:

{"name": "1007test","active": true,"first-name": "1007","last-name": "test","display-name": "1007 test","email": ""}

When I hit Crowd, I am getting an error that has a reason code of “ILLEGAL_ARGUMENT” and the message field is “null”.
So, the server is not providing me good information (and neither are the server logs).

I would love some insight into what might be going on here. I have been tweaking my JSON, thinking it has something to do with the error. You can see that the username parameter is the same as the “name” property in the payload. So yeah, not sure what is going on.



Please try removing “.json” from your call. Try something like
Also documentation link for your other reference