Implement OAuth2.0 for ServiceNow to Jira REST Integration

Our team is implementing a ServiceNow (Madrid) to Jira (datacenter) integration via REST API calls. We currently have the connection implemented successfully using basic authentication and a Jira service account.

We need to move to OAuth2.0 auth though and were provided the below documentation to do this:

Thing is, all the documentation (including the above) references REST API calls only supporting OAuth1.0a. I’ve opened a ticket with Atlassian support and they confirm that REST API calls support OAuth2.0 but I cannot find any documentation on how to implement that - particularly with ServiceNow which requires the key/secret pair as well as the token refresh URL (which the Jira team just will not provide) and SN does not store the RSA like you would do in a typical Java REST implementation.

Does anyone have any documentation on setting up OAuth2.0 for REST API calls for Jira as the provider?


@maricelflores - OAuth 2.0 is not supported on Jira Server / DC. There is a feature request filed here ( that you can comment/vote on.

Perhaps the information you received was re: Jira Cloud, which does have support for OAuth 2.0 3LO.