Implementation of a report used in Jira - "Recently Created Issues"


I have a question to the Atlassian Staff regarding a particular feature of Jira - the “Recently Created Issues” report.

Is it possible that you share with me with how you implemented the “Recently Created Issues” report in Jira, which can be seen under “Reports” in the view of a project?

I need to know how this report is implemented, as I and my team have to create a similar report, including the chart, but with different second part of the JQL query that the issues are searched for with (I need the status of the issues instead of the resolution).

I am not acquaintained with the Jira development but I am willing to learn more about it to meet my requirement. I have previously tried to create such a report in an Xporter template which would read the data from the queries and later create a chart from them but I can not find a way to query the created issues for each date without manually typing the JQL query with each date in the template (such as created >= 2021-04-14 AND created <= “2021-04-14 23:59”). I want to iterate through the issues over date or type the number of previous days, and have the queries filled automatically as for “Recently Created Issues” report, so that I do not have to manually write a query for each day.

I am now looking for any solution to create the report. It would be enough for me if you share with me how you exactly implemented the “Recently Created Issues” report and how is the data displayed in a chart, so that I can use it to find a way to make the desired report - basically the same report as the pre-built report in Jira, only with a different JQL query.

I would be very glad if you could help me.

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