Import error: 'white' is not exported from '@atlaskit/theme/colors'

Hey… anyone facing below issue? this is recently i start facing at time or creating jira cloud addOn production build.

Attempted import error: 'white' is not exported from '@atlaskit/theme/colors'.

Hi @umang.savaliya,

Have you updated both your @atlaskit/media-ui and your @atlaskit/theme packages to the latest versions?

Hey @mventnor,

find below my package version.

@atlaskit/theme- 9.2.2
@atlaskit/media-ui - 11.6.5 

I can see @atlaskit/theme - 9.2.3 upgraded recently. let me try with that. I checked change log i didn’t find “white” is exported anywhere in that.


Hi @mventnor,

I can see the fix available in

@atlaskit/media-ui - 11.6.6 

it’s working fine now.