Import only data not configuration

Hi there!

Does any of you know a method to only import the data of one instance and migrate it to another without overwriting the existing configuration of that target instance?

The problem with the “Restore System” option is that the configuration of the instance is also wiped when importing from .xml backup of another JIRA instance.
Additionally my source instance is on JIRA 7.8 and the target instance is 7.12, which makes it difficult to import via “Project Import” for not overwriting the global server settings.

Usecase is that im upgrading our production instance by configuring a newer JIRA version in parallel, tweaking settings and so on, and THEN want to migrate the data at day X to be up to date.

The issue is that you’re viewing the data as 2 different things - configuration and issues. Jira views it as the same. Migrating things in 2 steps will be problematic logistically (think custom fields - maybe the first instance doesn’t know about it but the second one has it as a required field).

I would suggest asking this question over at the user community - to get people that might have been in a similar situation as you (this community is more focused on the development of apps/tools around Atlassian products).


If someone is interested in the topic @