Improve Page Loading

I have a Settings Page were i load some data about project and issues.
I want to render the page and load this data in background.
But the page loads every data and then renders, even that i’m using useEffect to try to pospone this data loading.
Any advice?

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Unfortunately UI Kit does not allow you to partially load the screen while running something in the background. It will attempt to compute everything prior sending to the frontend.

To get the desired effect I’d recommend Custom UI. Your frontend can render the loading screen while data is being fetched.

Is there any plans to improve this or is better to migrate to Custom UI?

There are no plans to improve this.

I would recommend migrating to Custom UI.

I’ve got the same requirement and am struggling with the solution within Atlassian UI Kit :joy:

You should migrate to Custom UI.
My page was taking too long to load, but now, it just doesn’t.
I reached data transfer capacity

Did you encounter rate limiting in your app? How do you deal with it? Please share your app and I will take a look if it’s in the marketplace now. And my App is: Sprint Reviewer | Atlassian Marketplace