Improvements to Forge documentation navigation

We’ve made several changes to the way you navigate the Forge Developer Guide:

  • All categories in the left-hand navigation (except for INTRODUCTION) are now collapsible, and collapsed by default. This will make it easier to focus on topics by category (and, by extension, search through them).
  • We added a category for TUTORIALS, which also lists all the tutorials available for Forge. In the past, all tutorials were only catalogued in a Tutorials page, which wasn’t easily visible. Future tutorials will still be listed in the Tutorials page.
  • Modules now have their own tab in the Forge Developer Guide. This will make it easier to find.
  • Modules are also now categorized by product type: Common (applies to all products), Compass, Confluence, Jira, and Jira Service Management. Each module sub-category is also collapsible, and collapsed by default.

Meanwhile, we didn’t change any page URLs. As such, any page bookmarks to any page in the Forge developer guide will still work.

We’re hoping that these improvements will help developers navigate the documentation better.


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