In AUI 9.7.1 (latest), dropdown2 items are rendered with an aggressive border on hover

I am converting a successful Jira Cloud app (built with Connect and AUI) to dark mode compatible, and found a few painful visual glitches in AUI.

If you hover your cursor over an item in the dropdown menu of a a dropdown2, it gets a super-agressive “highlight”!
You can clearly see this on the official documentation page:

Hello @aron.gombas
What version of AUI are you migrating from?
I’m guessing, that if it’s lower than 9, you might find more “painful visual glitches” like that.
The AUI 9.x was (among other features) focusing on a11y improvements. This “focus outline” is actually one of the features that more components did get.

You’re right, we are migrating from a 3-year old AUI version. It was working fine over the years, so we didn’t upgrade it so far, but now we’re adding support for theming.

So, unfortunately, you’d need to brace yourself tightly and prepare for more discoveries :wink:

I guess the journey might look like moving from Windows 95 to Windows 11 :sweat_smile:

And… if your application is written for Jira Cloud… maybe you should consider migrating to AtlasKit? That might be an even more complex and time-consuming process. It all depends on your needs and a calculation of ROI.

This is a cloud that has been written several years ago when AUI was the recommended technology. Also, we use AUI in the Server/DC version of the app, so it is rather straight-forward to keep using AUI.

Because of visual glitches like this, it would be disproportional amount of work to rewrite the UI tier in AtlasKit.

If your app is used across Cloud and Server/DC versions then this is a completely different scenario. Now, I understand why you want to keep AUI in place :wink:
Nevertheless, currently supported Jira DC versions are already using AUI v.9.2.x and v.9.3.x, and will probably migrate to the newer versions. I’m not sure of the status/version of AUI built into the Cloud products.
So I can only advise you to check the changelogs and docs to find other changes made to AUI across this long period. It looks like theming won’t be your only concern if the AUI was kept untouched for such a long time :frowning:

We have successfully completed the migration on Friday. It is going through the testing.

I accept that the weird highlight is done by purpose.

Great to hear that the migration went well. Congratulations :partying_face: