In AUI 9.7.1, links in AUI Message get double-underline on hover

I am converting a successful Jira Cloud app (built with Connect and AUI) to dark mode compatible, and found a few painful visual glitches in AUI.

If you hover your cursor over a link in an AUI Message, it is underlined twice!
You can clearly see this on the official documentation page:

(Note that although my pointer is not the screenshot, it was above the “Turn on the light” link.)

Hi @aron.gombas
Thank you for spotting that out.

The new theming is (as marked) in the experimental stage, and we all can expect some flowery unintended issues here and there.

I researched the older AUI versions, and I suppose that this was actually an intended (a11y-related) change introduced in AUI 9.0

The double underline is by design? :thinking:

@aron.gombas I’m not 100% sure. I said “I suppose” :wink:

That’s what I’m guessing based on the difference between v8.8 Messages - AUI Documentation and v9.0 Messages - AUI Documentation

To confirm that, we’d probably need to dig deeper into version’s 9 changelog. Would you like me to check that?

Yes, please.

It looks rather unprofessional, so if it is not by-design, then I guess it should be fixed in the AUI library.

I found this commit (from 2020-06-08) linking to this Epic in AUI public backlog.

So the change looks legit and deliberate.