In Connect, how to match the Confluence and Jira instances?

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We have 2 Atlassian connect app, one for confluence (The main app) and another on Jira.
We want to associate the confluence clientkey with the Jira clientkey, one user will need to add both plugins and we want them to communicate between them when they are dealing with the same user.
We have thought about baseUrl, but we think it’s fragile and can change for some reasons…
We saw an endpoint : /rest/applinks/3.0/applinks. Maybe we can use it ? But it doesn’t look like it’s a public rest api.

Does it have a clear method to do this?

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So far in our little investigation in the ecosystem, here are the current solutions we’ve heard:

  • Some vendors do it by matching the BaseURL, but it seems unreliable,
  • No-one uses the /rest/applinks/3.0/applinks list,
  • Most vendors have 2 Connect apps and then do a user handshake, which has the added bonus of allowing multiple instances to be connected.

We’d be happy to hear about an officially recommended method from Atlassian.

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Hi @aragot,

There is a concept of a cloudId which ties a group of tenants of different product types together. At one point the cloudId was going to be added to the installation payload, but there was some controversy within Atlassian about the exact semantics of cloudId and the plans never went ahead.

The relevant issue is AC-2379, but this has limited visibility. This is the only way I know of to reliably associate tenants without some kind of manual user assistance.

You may also be interested in the following article: Relationship between cloud id and client key



Excellent answer, @dmorrow . Although it doesn’t give us the perfect solution (we’ll implement a user handshake), at least we know that there is no perfect solution for this.