In Firefox redirect and links do not work from plugin iframe

Sometimes we see a problem with hyperlinks and redirects in Firefox.

Often, while users of standard Firefox do not see this problem, I see it in Firefox Developer Edition (MacOS), which usually is 1 version ahead of standard Firefox. Not now, though.

On Nov 19 we were contacted by a customer who experienced the problem in Firefox standard edition 94.0.1 (Win).

I have two examples of appearance of the problem.

  1. Unable to redirect to another domain. This code does not work:

     top.window.location.href = ''

    I cannot use navigator.go because it does not allow to change domain.

  2. Hyperlinks. This link does nothing on click:

     <a href="/plugins/servlet/ac/com.xiplink.jira.git.jira_git_plugin/configuration-config" target="_parent">Manage repositories</a>

Unfortunately, it’s hard to reproduce because it seems to require the right version of Firefox in the right moment. But maybe someone has experienced this problem or a known workaround exists.


Hi Sergei

our plugin faces the same issue now on Cloud, it’s also extremely hard to reproduce, let me know if you find some solution to the problem or a workaround, we are able to reproduce it for Firefox 94.0.2 MacOS and Ubuntu since at least 25.11.2021


Hi Sergei
just a small update - I’m still able to reproduce the issue on my Firefox browser, it happens in all Jira plugins. I’ve installed the previous version of Firefox - 93 - and in that version the links works correctly. Then I upgraded it to the newest version 94.0.2 - and links are still working, so now I have two Firefox browsers with the same version, for one the links are not working, for one it’s alright, feel free to contact me if you have some idea how to investigate that further 🕵️‍♂️

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I’ve had similiar issues with my Firefox on Linux (if I remember correctly, even Chrominum on Linux had same issue). Same Firefox version of on Windows worked fine.

The work around as a user which worked: Right click and use ‘Open link in a new Tab’.

Afaik we also changed our link targets to ‘_blank’ instead of ‘_parent’ and that fixed the issue. Of course the links are then opened in a new tab, but it’s better than no working links.

Anyway, I don’t have a reproducible case handy to reproduce / experiment.