In Firefox redirect and links do not work from plugin iframe

Sometimes we see a problem with hyperlinks and redirects in Firefox.

Often, while users of standard Firefox do not see this problem, I see it in Firefox Developer Edition (MacOS), which usually is 1 version ahead of standard Firefox. Not now, though.

On Nov 19 we were contacted by a customer who experienced the problem in Firefox standard edition 94.0.1 (Win).

I have two examples of appearance of the problem.

  1. Unable to redirect to another domain. This code does not work:

     top.window.location.href = ''

    I cannot use navigator.go because it does not allow to change domain.

  2. Hyperlinks. This link does nothing on click:

     <a href="/plugins/servlet/ac/com.xiplink.jira.git.jira_git_plugin/configuration-config" target="_parent">Manage repositories</a>

Unfortunately, it’s hard to reproduce because it seems to require the right version of Firefox in the right moment. But maybe someone has experienced this problem or a known workaround exists.


Hi Sergei

our plugin faces the same issue now on Cloud, it’s also extremely hard to reproduce, let me know if you find some solution to the problem or a workaround, we are able to reproduce it for Firefox 94.0.2 MacOS and Ubuntu since at least 25.11.2021


Hi Sergei
just a small update - I’m still able to reproduce the issue on my Firefox browser, it happens in all Jira plugins. I’ve installed the previous version of Firefox - 93 - and in that version the links works correctly. Then I upgraded it to the newest version 94.0.2 - and links are still working, so now I have two Firefox browsers with the same version, for one the links are not working, for one it’s alright, feel free to contact me if you have some idea how to investigate that further 🕵️‍♂️

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I’ve had similiar issues with my Firefox on Linux (if I remember correctly, even Chrominum on Linux had same issue). Same Firefox version of on Windows worked fine.

The work around as a user which worked: Right click and use ‘Open link in a new Tab’.

Afaik we also changed our link targets to ‘_blank’ instead of ‘_parent’ and that fixed the issue. Of course the links are then opened in a new tab, but it’s better than no working links.

Anyway, I don’t have a reproducible case handy to reproduce / experiment.

Hi Alicja,

Yesterday our guy had experienced a similar issue, no proof that it was the issue. However, when he had cleared the browser cache the issue disappeared. Could you please try it out if you still can reproduce.

Hey Sergei,

thanks for the hint! Unfortunately this did not help - I’ve tried clearing all type of data of Firefox but I still experience the issue.

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I had similar issues in my side and several people of our team reproduced the issue on different Operating Systems with different firefox versions.

Our issue is that all the links with the target attribute set to ‘_parent’ are not working, nothing happen on click. Note that the links with target="_blank" are working.

Here is the list of Firefox/OS version where we reproduce the issue :

  • Firefox 94.0.1 / Ubuntu 21.10
  • Firefox 94.0.2 / Ubuntu 21.10
  • Firefox 94.0.2 / Ubuntu 20.04.3
  • Firefox 94.0 / Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS
  • Firefox 94.0.1 / Windows 10 Pro

Note that I did not managed to reproduce on :

  • Firefox 94.0.1 and Firefox 94.0.2 / Windows 10.
  • firefox 94.0.1 and Firefox 94.0.2 / MacOs

It seems that the issue is random !

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Today we’ve got a browser that has the problem. We have created a new profile and the issue has disappeared there. So we’ve ended up with a browser that can both to reproduce and not to reproduce.

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Same here, this issue is crazy :crazy_face:

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Hi everyone,

I had a suspicion that our Content-Security-Policy may cause it.

So we deleted the header and tested the app without it. The problem persisted. That is why I conclude that Content-Security-Policy header of the app IFrame is not a reason of it. Therefore I believe, some Jira properties can affect the behavior of Firefox and Atlassian should do something with it. At least Atlassian should publish some workaround for end user, who faces the issue.

Hey @sergei, @RomanStoffel

I have good news - I reported a defect to Firefox yesterday and they responded with some useful hint:
They claim that the problem might be caused by a stetting fission.autostart that for some already existing profiles is set to true. When you create a new profile, the value is automatically set to false and that’s why links are clickable within new Firefox profiles.
I’ve tried changing it to false through about:config tab on my existing Firefox profile and it worked like a charm. We did the same thing on my colleague’s Firefox that faces the links problem, fix also helped :partying_face:

More details here:

We will wait for Firefox to respond before informing users about this workaround.

Could you try it out if it helped for you if you’re facing the issue as well?

Best regards,


Thanks @AlicjaMajewska for filing the bug with Mozilla. Looks like there was another bug filed earlier that’s related (1744321 - Some Google Ads are broken with Fission after updating to 94.0.2), and that there is a fix in the works (being tested).

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Thank you Alicja, you’re brilliant! The workaround has worked for us perfectly.



Do we have any official announcement from Atlassian about this defect as this is impacted almost all marketplace app. As a vendor we also try to be compatible with Atlassian browser supported list. but bcoz of this bug we need to mention in our release note like Firefox latest version not work with default setting and to make it work they need to reset some default configuration.