In what cases would someone have a subdomain

We’ve worked on an integration with Jira and baked in an assumption that instances will have a subdomain. Now we’re finding that some people have subdomains.

How does someone get a jira[.]com subdomain? How common is this?

There are a few out there. I believe that they are legacy instances (from JIRA Studio).

However do not depend on the url being on an domain:

JIRA passes the base url to you at installation (and I want to say it’s in the query string on page request) - use that. Don’t hard code or you’ll have problems when CLOUD-6999 is resolved (or Atlassian adds another top level domain).


@daniel is correct that this is a legacy from some of Atlassian’s oldest hosted offerings. All new customers are currently provisioned on * domains, but you should not rely on this. The best way to validate a URL is usually to hit the serverInfo REST API endpoint.