Including the entity property as part of the webhook post function?

Hi there. It seems there’s an issue for this.

Is there any possibility of getting this to avoid a call back to the REST API to pull the entity properties from the issue?

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Hi, @2upmedia,

This is possible in a Connect app, using the webhook module. As the example shows:

  "modules": {
    "webhooks": [
        "event": "jira:issue_created",
        "url": "/issue-created",
        "excludeBody": false,
        "filter": "project = HSA",
        "propertyKeys": [

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Thank you. I will definitely try this.

@kkercz One thing that I’m not sure of is how to write the JQL to filter by service desk request type. I couldn’t find any documentation on that.

@2upmedia you can filter request types in JQL like this, for example: "Request Type" = "Get IT help"


Thank you @gjoseph. That’s pretty clear for JQL. Is there the equivalent for jira_expression to conditionally show a panel in a service desk form?

@2upmedia, unfortunately, Service Desk fields are not supported in Jira expressions yet.

@2upmedia, I’m happy to say that we just launched support for Jira Service Desk in Jira expressions. For JSD pages, there is a new context variable customerRequest available, of type CustomerRequest, documented here: documentation.

You can get the ID of the current customer request type by writing:
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Hi @kkercz,
is the servicedesk-related info also available in workflow conditions and validators (if the current issue is a customer request)?

Yes, @david2. The docs are being updated as we speak, but the same context variables should already be available for JSD transitions: customerRequest and serviceDesk.