Incoming links to pages


What are the possibilities to get the incoming links of a Confluence page via REST API? The information is already visible when the user opens “Page Information” via “Advanced Details”. How do I get this information via REST API?

Thank you!


Hello @AlexanderMartin

If you mean the Tiny Link, the value is stored in the tinyui object, which is inside the _links object, which the v1 and v2 the REST API endpoints return for all pages:

"_links": {
    "editui": "/pages/resumedraft.action?draftId=254705737",
    "webui": "/spaces/~496279867/overview",
    "tinyui": "/x/SYAuDw", <-- Here it is

Hello @sunnyape,

I don’t mean the Tiny Links.
Every Confluence page has so-called incoming links, which are the links to every Confluence page that links to this page. You can view these on every page under “Page Information”. However, the box only appears if at least 1 incoming link exists.

Oh those Incoming Links (and the related Outgoing Links). All the discussions I ever saw on that topic came to the conclusion that you can’t get that information directly via the REST API.

There is a commercial app Incoming & Outgoing Links for Confluence Cloud, if that solves your requirements.

UPDATE. The developer of that app has advised that the source of information of the incoming / outgoing links wasn’t provided via the REST API or any Forge / Connection functions. They had to extract the links from every piece of content and build an index. Not a task to take lightly :slightly_frowning_face:


Hello @sunnyape,
Thanks for your research!
Unfortunately, it is quite frustrating that Atlassian does not offer the possibility to retrieve already existing information.