Increasing the limits of "Action" data in JSON from 1000


I would like to extract data from Trello regarding the “Actions”. However, the limit is set at 1000 latest actions. I would like to access all of the historical data (ar at least last 2-3yrs of action data).
Essentially, I would connect this data as a source to Power BI for further analysis.

Does anyone know how to increase the “Actions” limit from 1000?

Many thanks in advance

Hello @MartynasJuskys

You can’t increase the limits. You have to use the Paging method, as described in the documentation:


When querying for long lists, such as a list of Cards, or a list of Actions, the Trello API limits you to at most 1000 results. Because these lists can have members added or removed at any time, the right way to iterate through more than 1000 results is to use the before and since parameters.

hi @sunnyape,

thanks for the reply. Do you know how I could perform this Paging?
As in the link you’ve provided there’s not much to go about.


Do you have access to Google where you are?

I did a Google search for ‘trello rest api paging example’ and the first result had an example. The second result was a lengthy discussion on Stack Overflow with extensive examples.