Indexed content properties disappear after full reindexing

Hi there,

We have created a bunch of custom content properties that we are able to search using the REST API

i.e http://localhost:8090/rest/api/search?[custom].name IN ("test name")

We have defined the index schema in the atlassian-plugin.xml as follows:

 <content-property-index-schema key="page-status-index-schema">
        <key property-key="custom">
            <extract path="name" type="string"/>

This works fine until we rebuild the index in confluence. After this, all the indexed content property values are gone and we need to re-populate them again using a custom action. We would like to know if this behaviour is expected?



Hi @patricia,

please vote for this issue if you haven’t found it by now: [CONFSERVER-52489] Content properties missing in search index after reindex of Confluence - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.