Inherit Jira's "look & feel"


I’m developing a Custom UI application and I’m trying to understand if it’s possible to inherit Jira’s look and feel?

I want my custom components to match the existing style of Jira. I can do that on my own of course, but I want it to always match Jira’s style. If Jira will add dark mode, for example, I want it to match my own design.

So, is there anything like that?


The “look & feel” of Atlassian is currently known as the Atlassian design system. Historically, it was called the Atlassian Design Guidelines and we are on version 3; hence, ADG3. The react components are provided by importing @atlaskit; hence, the library is just known as atlaskit. These are parameterized in such a way that using them would respect a “dark mode”, if we had one.

Hi @ibuchanan,
Thank you for your answer.

Does the atlaskit work with Custom UI?

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