Insert default macros in Connect App

I’ currently trying to convert a very old Macro of Confluence-Server (On-Premise) to a Confluence Connect app.

This old Macro insert 4 default macros of Confluence itself, and configures them by 2 parameters.
This macro is inserts 2 Content-By-Label macro and 2 Jira structured macros.

The problem what I’m facing is that currently its not possible to cross access Jira from a confluence connect plugin because cross access is not allowed.

My Question; is it possible to create a confluence connect plugin where you insert a predefined confluence plugin. And if so how would I go about it.

Hi @GJRTimmer ,

If I understand your question correctly, then I don’t think it’s possible.


Hi @dmorrow,

To make it more clear; I want a Macro with aggregates 4 of the default macros already present. This way we only give a few parameters and it will load the 4 default macros on a page.