Insert other css or javascript frameworks in the Forge apps such as (bulma, bootstrap, ...)

I’m developing some Confluence macros with Forge and I would like to customize the buttons, tabs, … using the bulma css framework and insert javascript in the macros. Is this possible? and if the response is yes, how can it be done?

Thank you

I have seen this ticket created that has no response: Accessing Custom JavaScript and CSS in Gadgets


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In Forge you can use custom ui -

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Yes, I already know that, but my question is if I can customize that ui custom css and javascript.

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@JuanJosGarcaMerino, unfortunately, no. At least at the moment.


Ok, Thank you

@JuanJosGarcaMerino what are you trying to achieve by having that capability?

I would like to style the frontend of some macros with that, so that I can define some CSS for some stuff on the page. I just want to change colors, spaces, borders etc.