Insight-access deleted attachment in insight automation

Hey guys,

I am trying to access the deleted attachment comment in the insight automation “Attachment deleted” event.
Atlassian supported guided me to InsightObjectAttachmentDeletedEvent (Insight 5.4.2 API) but unfortunately I am not as skilled regarding java, I use simple groovy mostly.
I was provided with this screenshot that it definitely should work this way.

I was hoping there would be a simple way to access it just like accessing object, since in the log I can see the information that I need.

2022-06-05 18:47:40,008 [insight-event-3] |[
  attachmentBean=AttachmentBean{id=82, objectId=10183, author=JIRAUSER10200, comment=testtttt, filename=bandana.txt, mimeType=text/plain, nameInFileSystem=e1a4e55f-2d29-49f6-b347-2b90d71557df.txt, fileSize=33773, created=2022-06-05 18:47:39.307}
  eventType=ATTACHMENT_ADDED (DIR-10183)
  tracing=EmitTracing{traceId=null, parentId=null, spanId=null}

Anyone tried anything similiar ?

My use case is that if an attachment with certain comment is deleted, I continue with certain action in the groovy script.

Thanks for your time guys.