Insight Cloud Rest Api

I’ve been trying to follow the explaination to make rest api in new JSM Insighr as described here

I’ve achieved to get the workspaceId as i put on the code

base_url = ""
workSpace = "/rest/servicedeskapi/insight/workspace"
headers = {"Accept":"application/json","X-ExperimentalApi" : "opt-in"}
auth = HTTPBasicAuth("","****************")
workspace2 = json.loads(requests.get(f"{base_url}{workSpace}",headers=headers,auth=auth).text)
workspaceId = workspace2['values'][0]['workspaceId']
# Out[103]: 'my workspaceId'
icon_rest = f"/jsm/insight/workspace/{workspaceId}/v1/icon/global"

However, when I try to call the /jsm/insight/workspace/{workspaceId}/v1/icon/global it gives me a dead link.
Am Idoing something wrong?

Thank you in Advance,