Insight External Import - Import limit


I am developing an external app that imports 5300 objects to Insight through external import. However I am facing an issue.

When I make the import only 1920 objects are populated, no matter what the label is. The data I am using as unique ID is not duplicated and everything seems to be right, the data chunks are filled and sent at the end of the execution.

Does anybody know if Insight has an import limit?

Thank you,

Hi Victor,

I’m Mary from Atlassian engineering team. There are no limits on the number of objects you can import through external imports.
I had a look at our logs on the imports. there were multiple attempts over the last 3 days for this import but didn’t see any errors and those are all the objects we could extract from the provided source.

There should be another issue. Could you please provide more details on this so we could have a further look? Is there any relationship between which objects are imported and which are not? (is it the first 1920 and the rest are cut off? or are the ones succeeding different from the ones failing somehow? different object type, different attributes/value)?