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Hi all,

I am trying to trying to develop some external imports to Insight Cloud. I have successfully import data to new object types as well as existing types using the existing documentation and the json scheme mapping 2021_09_15.

I would like to know if there is some other specifications to apply in the mapping scheme json or in the data json so I can import objects that contains references to other objects in their attributes. Any sample json or further documentation links would be appreciated.

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[luis@fedora ldap]$ ./
INFO: Token verification:
:heavy_check_mark: Status link:
:heavy_check_mark: Import start link :
:heavy_check_mark: Mapping submit link :
INFO: Put schema and mapping configuration
:heavy_check_mark: Put schema and mapping configuration
INFO: Kick off an import
:heavy_check_mark: Kick-off import result : success…
:heavy_check_mark: - Submit progress url :
:heavy_check_mark: - Submit results url :
:heavy_check_mark: - Get execution status :
:heavy_check_mark: - Cancel url:
INFO: Get Status:
:heavy_check_mark: Import status : RUNNING
:heavy_check_mark: - Get execution status :
:heavy_check_mark: - Cancel url:
INFO: Submit dataset
:heavy_check_mark: success
INFO: Submit complete
:heavy_check_mark: success
INFO: Get Status:
:heavy_check_mark: Import status : IDLE

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Hi Luis,

We just released support for object references. This backwards compatible change has been added to the 2021_09_15 schema, so you can continue to use it while adding object reference attributes to your objects.

See our documentation here: External Imports - Schema and mapping

Kind regards,
Roger (dev @ Insight)

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thanks for remember it!

I get this error when fetching the rest point for external imports from a forge app.

INFO 15:08:40.647 a50516d543e2ad4b FetchError: request to failed, reason: URL not included in the external fetch backend permissions: Visit for more information.

Do I need to add

        - ""

or maybe there is another way to code it?

Thank you, Luis

we developed a Java Tool for Insight to use the external data import API. You can read more about this here: External Import Tool for JSM Insight - Importing Data into Insight is much easier and more secure than ever!