Insight object field modifications

In Jira Service Management (cloud), we have the “Insight object field” that can be added to issues to reference Insight objects. For my use case, the field is missing one major functionality. The field can be configured to Field can store multiple objects but there is no way to reference the same Insight object multiple times in the same field. We would need this functionality.

What would it take to modify this behavior? Is the source code for the field available? Could I modify it for my needs? Is there any other approach I should consider? I have no Atlassian development experience, but I am a backend web developer so I have programming knowledge.

Any help on this will be much appreciated. Thanks!


I’m not aware of any way you can modify that field type.

All other multi-select fields that are similar (like user picker) are also “subset” selection, meaning a member can only appear in a set once. Can you explain a bit more about why the same object needs to appear multiple times in the same field?

@ibuchanan Yes, the use case we have is very well described in JSDCLOUD-10790. We would need to have “generic assets”, for example cables, printer toners / drums, and other small parts that don’t have serial numbers or other specifics. We would need to track, on an issue level, when we have provided the requester with for instance multiple items of the same asset.

The 2 ways we could achieve this that I could think of are:

  1. To be able to reference the same asset multiple times on the issue or
  2. To be able to have “field collections” - that is, to be able to group the Insight object field with a number field that would allow to select the asset and add a “quantity”

I have been directed to the marketplace by Atlassian support and also here How to group fields together? but I have found no add-on that allows this.

@ibuchanan any feedback on this? I’d be happy with any workaround. I could create several Insight object fields on the issue but the point is that for our use case it happens that we have to provide up to 10 times the same asset to the requester on the same issue, which would mean that we would need 10 fields, and select the same asset 10 times which is really not ideal. Thanks.


This use case makes sense to me. Voting, comment, and watching on JSDCLOUD-10790 was already the best thing you can do to prompt a solution from our product teams.

The user community response about Marketplace does seem vague. Indeed, I don’t know of any apps that provide that exact thing as a feature. Rather, my charitable interpretation was, “That seems like a thing possible with Atlassian extensibility.” Indeed, I can imagine how a Forge or Connect App could create the UI you desire with a kind of inventory list and counts of items. However, that could not be done with Insight objects yet because its APIs only support basic auth with tokens, and are not part of the JSM Forge or Connect frameworks. I’m not in any position of roadmap authority but I don’t see that coming in a near horizon (nothing for at least 6 months).

Sorry I have no good news, let alone work-arounds for you.


@ibuchanan Thanks for your feedback. Indeed, I also believe the use case makes sense and I am quite surprised that there seems to be only 2 people interested in the feature (in which case I do understand that it is not going to be implemented at any time soon, if ever).

Being able to create grouped fields (or field collections) would be a great addition to the product IMO as it would allow for much more flexibility (and could have been a viable workaround for our use case). I created a feature request for this too: JSDCLOUD-11289.