Install Jira Insight Asset Object

Hello all,

I’m going to develop a jira plugin around Insight Asset. I’ve add the following lines to my pom.xml file.


And then I use the command line atlas-run to start a Jira server locally, but Insight Asset hasn’t been installed. (As I know, Insight Asset is provided by servicedesk.)
Could you please advise me on how to install Insight Asset in this case like below image?

Yaoqi Huang

Hi @YaoqiHuang,

I think the issue that you are seeing will be that Assets is only available to use on Data Centre licensed installations of JSM. Therefore, you will need to provide a DC license, which can be done via the jira-maven-plugin. There is a document on how to do this which should help you here. You can also manually add a license to test this quickly, but you’ll want to setup one in your POM for ease of running.

You can also check in the ‘manage apps’ under ‘All apps’ to see if the Assets plugin has been installed as a ‘System app’ (see screenshot):

Hope this helps.

Craig Shannon
JSM Data Centre